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Industry Influencers To Judge Best Wings on Long Island

It's the dawning of "Wing Hunters." Chicken wing fanatics who find the best wings on Long Island. Or at the very least, always know a place to go and where to enjoy the tastiest wings!

This past March 2021, the now infamous "LI Wing Hunt" experience took the NY foodie and tourist world by storm. Attendees by the hundreds purchased a pass to receive four wings at participating restaurants along the "LI Wing Trail" (the places with the best wings and beer!) from March through June 2021.

"It's a self-guided wing eating tour with your friends and family - so much fun!" The promotion was also highly successful in driving business directly to restaurants when they needed it most. "It was very rare that an attendee visited the restaurant and didn't buy some other food and drinks. It was great," says Christine Nyholm Owner of the Port Bistro & Pub. The popular spot in Port Jefferson's Buffalo Wings are competing for Best on LI & will be participating in the spring 2022 wing hunt.

At the end of their tasting, attendees of the buffalo wing extravaganza voted for the people's choice best wings award. Those winners will be published along with the upcoming Judges selections.

Matt Kourie, Founder - LI Wing Hunt - As Featured in Newsday

As we speak, a hungry panel of Industry influencer Judges (listed below) are heading out to give the previous participating restaurants official scores to see who really has LI's Best Wings!

The "Official Best Wings on Long Island" competition has been run by Best Wings LI since 2013. Wings that win the Judges favor and score in the "FantastWing" to "AmazeWing" range (11 - 13pts) will be published in the Official "Best Wings on Long Island 2021" listing. Because we just have to know where to get the best wings!

Organizers say restaurants who want to compete/participate in the spring 2022 LI Wing Hunt should register now while there is still space. Get to know the judges below!




Just Wingin’ it! We are super excited to be judging this years Best Wings in Nassau County Long Island! We love our wings! Steven is team drums and I’m team flats. Nothing like some delicious wings with some amazing friends. Life is just better with chicken wings around!



Jared grew up in New Hyde Park and now resides in Baldwin Harbor. He has a passion for connecting people with great local businesses and helping share the stories of our many amazing local entrepreneurs within the community. "I love wings because it is a food which cultures from all over the world put their own unique and delish spin on - the variety helps us transcend our differences and unite around this very accessible and incredible dish."


"I'm a Chef with a huge passion for all things food, which led me to food photography! My love for food goes back to my "diaper days," one of my favorites being Chicken Wings! They're very versatile when it comes to cooking, generally cheap, and can be enjoyed in a wide array of flavors! The perfect wing to me must be crunchy on the outside, with a juicy interior and just saucy enough so that the wings don't become soggy!"



A former Judge of the National Buffalo Wing Festival, Robert Wittman along with Founder Matt Kourie have been finding LI's Best Wings since 2011. Going on to Found the NY Best Wings Festival and Official Best Wings Competition in 2013. "This is a real competition with the tasting at each location. So every spot has the home turf advantage in their own kitchen. 'ExciteWing' to see who has the best!"



Pete Tripp has a reputation on LI for Brewing incredible Beer. Having wings with beer is a staple of the culture! South Shore Craft Brewery is Nassau County's newest craft brewery. Focusing on quality brewing techniques, attention to detail, and a passion for brewing. You experience a real working brewery by your close proximity to the equipment used in the production of the beer, there is no place to hide it.


"Hola! We are the @kuisinekings! 4 dummies who all enjoy arguing with each other & eating! We love all kinds of food and never back down from ANY food challenge. The Perfect wing is based on the perfect sauce to crisp ratio!"

Check out a video of the wing hunting fun. Grease out!

For More follow @liwinghunt on Instagram!

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