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Chicken Wings & Amazing Pizza in Jackson Heights, Queens

If you're from the area, you should be no stranger to the "Latino Bites" Food Truck on 85th & Northern BLVD in Jackson Heights. They recently took their flavor-packed Columbian style dishes and opened a new restaurant a few feet away. But here's the deal...they added some incredible wings and blow your mind pizzas that will make your taste buds trip out. I had to head down and get a taste myself. Feast with your eyes my friends!

I got set up in the back where the patio and big screen TV was. It was a great place to chill and fill my face. Definitely should be kicking it with a few friends next time.

These "Pineapple BBQ" wings hit the spot and remained crisp all the way through my meal. I need my wings crisp. No messing around! The sauce was nicely coated on each section of the wings giving them a sweet tang. The "House Made Sauce" wings (first picture in article) had a nice creaminess to the texture of the sauce and a savory flavor. It's a mixture of their house sauces all put on one wing. I also liked the consistency in the size of the wings. It wasn't like one Jumbo wing and a bunch of other small ones. All consistently Jumbo size. When the pizza came to the table, I dropped my jaw.

It was like I met Instagram in person. What a pie! It was split down the middle, two kinds. On the left was the "Entrana Con Maduros." Topped with skirt steak, fresh mozzarella, sweet plantains & garlic sauce. The first bite is all succulent skirt steak and the crust was on point. Like an old school pizzeria or brick oven style with a thicker dough to hold all the toppings. The bite starts to come together with the caramelized plantains, giving it a crisp and chewy feel with a sweetness and lively taste. The other side was the "Pizza Burger." Literally that with mozzarella cheese, green sauce, pineapple sauce, pink sauce, ham, ground beef and a nice touch of crushed potato chips on top. With all of those ingredients it was actually really balanced. I was enjoying every hearty bite. I had been sipping a "Pony Malta" which is like a non-alcoholic caramel beer. It was damn good. I was really digging the whole experience.

Amazing Pizza Alert!

"Pony Malta", tasty & refreshing with my feast!

Delicious Burgers at Latino Bites to wrap your hands around!

You can get a free taste of Latino Bites' wings and other Queens locations on the "Great Queens Chicken Wing Hunt" coming to the area beginning Nov 8, 2020. The Queens Wing Hunt is a season pass to get 4 Jumbo wings free, from each participating location from Nov 8, 2020 through February 8, 2021! A great way to plan some fun wing outings with your crew and try all the best spots! You'll be glad you stopped at the new Latino Bites Restaurant!

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