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Record Number of Chicken Wings Devoured During Super Bowl

Can you guess how many chicken wings were devoured during Super Bowl LVIII? You won't believe it.

Get ready to dive into a wing frenzy. Over 1.45 billion chicken wings disappeared during the Super Bowl, according to the National Chicken Council, fueling a nationwide craze. At the same time, NY Best Wings Fest, Long Island NY's iconic food festival, was hit by the same brush fire of ticket sales for its tenth anniversary wing festival being held in Patchogue, NY on Sunday May 19, 2024.

"Look-Wing" Back: NY Best Wings Festival: Ultimate Championship Edition 2017

"With wings having a cult following since 1964, especially evident during events like the Super Bowl," says Matt Kourie, event founder, "it's no surprise how fast excitement builds for the NY Best Wings Festival."

In 2022, the event company garnered significant local support, as hundreds of wing fans purchased tickets for the Festival's return.


TICKETS: $25 - $40

VIP Early Entry Avail: (ltd qty)

Where To Purchase:

Website (Instagram): @nybestwingsfestival

Age Restriction: 21 + Only

VENUE: Arooga's * Patchogue, NY

Parking: LIRR 4 Minute Walk To Venue

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