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Food Network Contestant Brings Vegan Mac to Battle LI Chefs

Lexi Martone, viral Food Network contestant and Chef behind Vegan Pop-Up Blackthorn NY, fires off on her challenges, life-choices & (Vegan) cheeses heading into NY's Official Mac & Cheese Competition.

group of chefs standing together

Lexi Martone on Food Network's "Bakers VS Fakers."

NYMACF: Lexi, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Your journey to becoming a vegan chef is truly inspiring. Can you tell us what initially sparked your passion for cooking?

Lexi: Oh, it's been quite the ride, let me tell you. In dealing with many health challenges and a weight transformation, I switched to a vegan lifestyle. Learning to cook vegan was a necessity. Growing up, my mom couldn't cook to save her life - she'd burn water! So, I had to learn on my own. Cooking became my haven. Despite the chaos, the kitchen felt like home. I felt at ease, you know? So, I asked myself, why am I wasting time doing things I hate when cooking is what I truly love?

woman holding taco

Lexi Martone in her Home Kitchen making Birria Tacos, Vegan Style.

NYMACF: Your journey is truly remarkable, Lexi. How did your road post Food Network this lead you to events like the NY Mac & Cheese Fest to Battle LI Chefs with Vegan Mac?

Lexi: Thank you! Well, after struggling with my weight and undergoing surgery, I realized I needed to follow my passion. That's when I decided to share my vegan creations at events like the NY Mac & Cheese Fest. It's about more than just food; it's about spreading joy and passion.

NYMACF: Your determination shines through, Lexi. What can attendees expect from your vegan mac and cheese at the fest?

Lexi: They can expect a vegan twist on a classic favorite. Each bite tells a story of my journey and dedication. I want people to not only enjoy the food but also feel connected to its story.

Vegan Mac & Cheese

So Many Vegan Mac Flavors!

NYMACF: That sounds amazing. Before we wrap up and you prepare to battle LI chefs on 4/20, if you were a vegan Cheese, what kind of vegan cheese would you be and why?

Lexi: lmao, Stockeld Dreamery, they make this smoked chili pepper cream cheese thing. It's f****** bomb. So, that's what I'd be 'cause it's a fireball and I'm a f****** fireball... and you know, I'm a Sagittarius. I come with the fire.

You can vote for Lexi's creations in the "Best Mac & Cheese On Long Island 2024" competition by getting Tickets below to the NY Mac & Cheese Fest on 4/20 in Rockville Centre, NY.

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