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DANG! Those Are Good Chicken Wings!

Updated: May 2

Embark on a flavor-filled journey at DANG! BBQ in Islip, Seaford, or Hauppauge & don't forget to eat their wings!

DANG! BBQ - Multiple LI Locations

Stepping into DANG! BBQ, I'm welcomed by the cozy atmosphere & hospitality that was provided by my bartender, Jake & manager, Tony. The bar's crimson stools stand proudly, while the neon sign hums with confidence, declaring, "DANG! It smells good in here, doesn't it?".

But enough about ambiance; let's talk food. I was met with a basket of house made BBQ chips that were impossible to stop eating as I waited for the main event. With a list of 20+ Dang Sauce options, the Garlic Buffalo Wings were the spotlight! Glazed with garlic goodness, they promise a zesty kick with the perfect heat level!

For wing hunts, I always intend on eating just two wings, knowing the day will be riddled with many more all over LI - but before I knew it, I'd polished off half the plate! These wings boast a delicate crispness that satisfies without overwhelming. The flats effortlessly slide off the bone, while the sauce clings to the drums perfectly. The wings were clearly tossed well & at the right temperature, exuding quality & care on the chef's behalf. Simply put, DANG! Those are good chicken wings!

Score: FantastWING 10/13

Size Matters: 2/3 pts

Texture: 4/5pts (juicy & crispy)

Overall Flavor & Experience: 4/5pts

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