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Bunker Hill American Tap Room: Where Pub-Style Perfection Meets Buffalo Bliss

On the first bite, you know it's that classic favorite, the purest Buffalo-style pub wing.

Buffalo Wings - Medium Heat at Bunker Hill American Tap Room in Wantagh, NY

After seeing a post on Instagram from @thelastbiteblog saying 50cent Wings during football games at a spot in Wantagh, NY. I had to shoot over to get my wing fix and start our exploration for the Best Wing (Deals) on Long Island.

We've been calling this particular style "Pub wings" for a while because, after eating so many wings, we started to feel that we can rely on a certain kind of pub to serve us solid wings with a continuity in their style. They're usually a size 2 (out of 3), always right in the ballpark of what wings taste like in Buffalo, NY. While Bunker Hill American Tap Room Bar & Restaurant is not an Irish Pub...

At night, the bar transforms into a warmly lit haven with ample seating, offering both a spacious restaurant feel and the perfect spot for savoring food and drinks, even after the restaurant side has closed its service.

As I step inside, right away I can sense that it's a pretty chill spot. Then fast-forward to the aroma of that sauce as my wings came out smoking hot post ordering, cold beer in hand....they certainly peaked my anticipation. Digging right in, it's the ideal level of spiciness for a medium-level Buffalo Wing, striking the perfect balance between the richness and creaminess of butter-to-pepper sauce ratio. The top layer of the wings are generously coated in this luscious sauce, although some wings didn't quite get the same love. Nevertheless, there was just enough sauce to elegantly "roll & coat" the flats at the bottom of the plate. It evokes the essence of the Anchor Bar style (The Birthplace of the Chicken Wing in Buffalo, NY) without the overwhelming pooling sauce effect you sometimes encounter with other styles of wing experiences. This presentation includes fresh celery, ideal for dipping and refreshing the palate between bites.

"The Dip Test."

The "dip test" is crucial in evaluating wings. When you dip your Buffalo wing into the blue cheese, you see if the blue cheese is sticking to the wing or dripping off with a lot of grease. This can sometimes be the difference between a "FantastWing" and an "AmazeWing." Our two highest ratings.

While these wings are not fully coated from head to toe consistently with sauce, the flavor is so rich that I really didn't mind it. This aspect really keeps them in the higher score range. Ultimately, my job is to recommend great wings, and if you find them at $0.50 a pop (during football games), that's a touchdown.

To my satisfaction, you're dealing with a nice, thick, creamy blue cheese. It's not watery or watered down. If you have the rich flavors of Buffalo wings paired with this delicious blue cheese, you've got confirmation that you're immersed in a serious buffalo wing situation—reserved for true buffalo wing lovers. And the heat level of medium is right on the money with the perfect amount of kick. Points!

Wings are conversational food, meaning you could be pre-occupied, watching a game, or at a party, but you still want to reach for some more wings as they sit on the table. Impressively, The "Bunker Hill Wings" retain their crisp after I let them sit my entire visit. I took a good six home with me from the original 15 wings.

Wings also taste better when bartenders and servers are friendly. Thanks to Colin behind the bar, it was a fun experience, drinking a cold glass of Warsteiner Pilsner and maybe...some shots of tequila ;)


Size: Size Matters 2 (out of 3)

Texture: Crispy?Juicy?: 3.5 (out of 5)

Overall Flavor: 4 (out of 5)

TOTAL SCORE: 9.5 out of 13

Rank-Wing: "FantastWing"

In summary, Bunker Hill American Tap Room serves up a solid pub-style Buffalo wing that strikes a harmonious balance between flavor, texture, and size. With the rich blue cheese pairing and priced at .50 Cents each during football games, they're sure to keep you coming back for more. If you find yourself in Wantagh, NY, this spot near the LIRR is definitely worth a visit for some classic Buffalo-style wing and Beer indulgence.

- Grease Out! 🍗✌️

Matthew Kourie is the Co-Founder of BestWingsLI, The New York Best Wings Festival, and Three-Time Judge at The National Buffalo Wing Festival.

For more follow @nybestwingsfestival on Instagram.

Judge Wings with your Wing Crew at the NY Best Wings Festival on Sunday February 4, 2024 in Smithtown NY!

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